Meet Allen Neuman, Owner

I started working with wood in high school, but my real education came from helping and watching my Dad build many projects including two beach houses.  If it was a house or a jewelry box, Dad built it to withstand a hurricane.  That may sound like a Big one, but when he built something, if it called for (2) fasteners he put (3).  when he finished building or fabricating  something, it was STRONG enough to last a long, long, long time. 


Long story short, it is my DESIRE to provide you the very BEST service and/or Product.  You want something to be Proud of and that's our Goal on every job we tackle.


"We put customer service
where it should be,
at the top of your to-do list"



Let's talk about your "to do" list!


A Home Services Company
  • Painting

  • Sheetrock Repair

  • Cabinets

  • Shelves/Storage

  • Doors & Windows Installation

  • Countertops


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